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Two thousand years ago, Confucius, a famous Chinese Sage said: "Food Is the First Necessity of the People". In the twenty first century, our general manager Mr. Hua Qing says: "To Provide Safe and Best Service is the First Necessity of Our Agri-Tours in China".

"Specialists Operate Special Tours."

"To Travel Thousands of Miles with Us is to Read Thousands of Books..."
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Dairy Tour to China 18 days
To gain an understanding of the Hong Kong and China markets for dairy products.
To learn about the diary industry in China-the present state of the industry and where it is heading.
To evaluate the dairy industry in China from a technological point of view and for investment opportunities.
To experience the culture and history of China.
General Agri and Irrigation Expo China Tour
Sugar Industry Tour to China (NEW!!!)
China Tour to Canton Fair Spring (NEW!!!)
Dairy Industry & Exhibition tour to China (NEW!!!)
10 Days Soybean Industry Tour to China (NEW!!!)

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