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China is a country with large population and less arable land. With only seven percent of the world's cultivated land, China has to feed one-fifth of the world's population. Hence Chinese agriculture occupies an important position in the world.

Since 1978 when China adopted the policy of reform in its rural areas, China's agriculture has developed rapidly. In the past four decades or so, the Chinese countryside, under the premise of adhering to collective ownership, has taken the market economy as guidance to break away from the traditional system and to pursue a new mode for the realization of the collective economy under the market economy. Reform has brought benefits to the farmers, emancipated and developed the rural productive forces, and promoted the rapid development of agriculture, especially the production of grains, and the constant optimization of agricultural structure. As a result, Chinese agriculture has made remarkable achievements. Today China leads the world in the outputs of grain, cotton, rapeseed, leaf tobacco, meat, eggs, aquatic products and vegetables.

In the sphere of science and technology related to agriculture, China year-by-year narrows the gap between its performance and that of the advanced countries. Agricultural hi-tech departments have made much progress in biotechnology, new and high technology and basic research, and the cultivation of plant cells and tissues, anther culture, haploid breeding and the research on its application have reached the world's advanced level. Bilinear hybrid rice, hybrid corn breeding, and multi-crop planting technologies featuring intensive cultivation have reached or approached the world's advanced level. In addition, an important breakthrough has been made in the research of making use of the advantages of hybrid beans. Since 1949 Chinese agricultural scientists have cultivated more than 40 varieties of crops, and 5,000 high-yield, excellent-quality and strong-resistant new varieties and new combinations.

Following China's entry into the WTO in 2001, the Chinese government restructured its approach to agricultural development, investing with funds and materials in speeding up agricultural science and technology progress to improve the international competitiveness of China's agricultural products. More and more international exhibitions and shows are now been held nationwide each year. Being the most populous farming country and the third largest country in the world and with over 5000 years of history, China has become one of the premiere Agri tour destinations in the world for overseas agricultural communities.
Being a travel agent owned by China Academy of Sciences, AgritoursChina has established firm relationships with Chinese Agriculture Authorities to ensure that it can offer the opportunity for overseas agricultural community to visit Agri-related areas and fields in China and study new ideas and the latest in technology in an enjoyable, organized, cost and time efficient way.

AgritoursChina will provide the following services for Agri-related business travelers to China:

Hotel Reservation
Airport Transfer and transportation

Excellent and experienced guide service
Day Tours to Historical Sights
Arrange meetings with Government Authorities

Flight & Train ticket booking

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