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Main Agricultural & Food & High-Tech Exhibitions in China 2024:

The 14th 2024 China (Shanghai) FSHOW International Fertilizer Show
Dates: 2024/03/13--2024/03/15

The 24th China CAC---China (Shanghai) International Agrochemical & Crop Protection Exhibition
Dates: 2024/03/13--2024/03/15

The 6th China (Yinchuan) International Dairy Expo and Forum
Dates: 2024/03/30--2024/04/01

The 10th China(Beijing) ITE--- International Irrigation Technology Exhibition
Dates: 2024/03/31--2024/04/02

China Guangzhou Canton Fair ---The 135th China Import and Export Commodities Fair
Dates: 2024/4/15-2024/5/05
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Machinery | Hardware & Tools
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Consumer Goods | Home Decorations | Gifts
Office Supplies, Case & Bags, and Recreation Products
Food | Medicines, Medical Devices and Health Products
Textiles & Garments | Shoes

2024 China(Qingdao) Animal Husbandry Expo
Dates: 2024/4/18--2024/4/20

The 25th China (Shouguang) International Vegetable Science and Technology Fair
Dates: 2024/4/20--2024/5/30

The 29th Northeastern Provinces(Harbin)Animal Husbandry Expo
Dates: 2024/04/26--2024/04/27

The 21st China(Nanchang) Animal Husbandry Expo
Dates: 2024/05/18--2024/05/20

The 27th Organic Green Food & Ingredients (Beijing) Expo
Dates: 2024/05/20--2024/05/22

2024 China (Beijing) International Nutrition and Health Food Expo
Dates: 2024/05/20--2024/05/22

2024 (CNIADE) Beijing International Alcoholic Drinks Expo
Dates: 2024/05/25-2024/05/27

Dates: 2024/5/28--2024/5/30

2024 China (Guangzhou) ADE --Asia Dairy Expo
Dates: 2024/5/29--2024/5/31

China(Beijing) CRS Expo 2024 (China Robot Show)
Dates: 2024/05/30--2024/06/01

The 23rd World Ecological Agricultural Products and Food Industry Expo(Guangzhou)
Dates: 2024/06/14--2024/06/16

2024 China (Inner Mongolia) Beef & Mutton Industry Expo
Dates: 2024/06/28--2024/06/30

The 22th Shanghai International Industrial Automation and Robot Exhibition
Dates: 2024/7/24--2024/7/26

Beijing World Robot Conference 2024
Dates: 2024/8/17-2024/8/21

2024 (CNIADE) Shanghai International Alcoholic Drinks Expo
Dates: 2024/08/19-2024/08/21

The 13th China (Guiyang) International Modern Agricultural Exhibition
Dates: 2024/08/23--2024/08/25

China (Shenzhen) MAE---International Smart Power and Smart Grid Exhibition
Dates: 2024/8/28--2024/8/30
VIV Select China (Nanjing) 2024
Dates: 2024/9/5--2024/9/7

China (Yangling) Agricultural High-Tech Fair (CAF)
Dates: September-October 2024

China Guangzhou Canton Fair (in Autumn)
Dates: 2024/10/15--2024/11/4

2024 China (Shanghai) International Nutrition and Health Food Expo
Dates: 2024/10/19--2024/10/21

The 13th World Swine Industry Expo & Leman China (Chengdu)Swine Conference
Dates: 2024/10/25--2024/10/27

2024 China(Hangzhou) IFresh Asia Fruit & Vegetable Industry Expo
Dates: 2024/10/28--2024/10/30

The 7th China (Shanghai) International Import Expo (CIIE)
Dates: 2024/11/05--2024/11/10

China(Shanghai) Heavy Machinery Asia
Dates: 2024/11/05--2024/11/08

The 27th Food & Hospitality China (Shanghai) (FHC)
Dates: 2024/11/12--2024/11/14



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