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_ Dairy Industry Tour To China 11 Days
Beijing (2)---Train (1)-Shenyang (1)---Xi'an (2)-Suzhou (1)-Wuxi (1)---Shanghai (2)

Day 01 Arrive in Beijing
Arrive in Beijing if in the morning, after checking in the hotel for half an hour rest, we drive to visit the charming Prince Gong's Palace while we tour the Hutong Alleys in rickshaws, for a glimpse of traditional Beijing local life. We will then visit the Summer Palace, the largest imperial garden in China. The Summer Palace was first built in the Qing emperor Qianlong's time in 1751 and restored by the Dowager empress Cixi for her own enjoyment. It became a favorite haunt of Cixi, who preferred it to the Forbidden City, and named it Yihe Yuan meaning the garden of health and harmony. Tonight's dinner is the Peking duck banquet. Overnight Beijing

Day 02 Beijing
No visit to China would be complete without seeing the Great Wall. The original wall was built over 2000 years ago and stretched over 6000km. Its main objective was to keep out Genghis Khan and the Mongolian hordes. This proved only partially successful. Today it represents one of the wonders of the world. Visit the Forbidden City, home of the Ming and Qing dynasty emperors. Sited on 72 hectares of land with 9000 rooms covering a floor space of 150,000 square meters. For those who have seen these magnificent sights before and wish to do something else the day is free for shopping or visiting other sights. In the evening after dinner, we go to enjoy the biggest night food market where you can see all kinds of different food from all over China. This market attracts people at home and abroad. Overnight in Beijing

Day 03 Beijing / Shenyang
We drive to visit the Beijing Dairy Farm, 20km east of Beijing and a Peking Duck farm, and we visit a government milk factory, one of the biggest milk production bases in China. It produces 400ton of different milk products and delivered to more then 80 super markets and 200 groceries pulsing its 50 chain milk shops every day. Visit of a laboratory for milk analysis and to meet persons who are responsible for the dairy products department of Beijing supermarket. This evening a discussion on the Chinese dairy industry with Chinese agricultural officials. Overnight Train (Soft sleeper) K53 22:15pm / 07:25am to Shenyang

Day 04 Shenyang
Shenyang is an important communication hub and gateway city to the three potential agricultural provinces of northeast China. This is the city where you will get information on agricultural and animal husbandry's development in the Northeastern Provinces of Liaoning, Jilin and Heilongjian, well known for fertile black soil and a vast "Granary Under the Sky."
In the morning at 07:25am we arrive at Shenyang, the capital city of Liaoning province. After checking and have a breakfast in the hotel, we drive to Milk plant which is the biggest liquid milk processing plant in northeast China with a production capacity of 80,000 tons annually and its sales volume ranks fifth in China. A new production line of 400 tons daily went into operation in January 2002, but milk supply still cannot meet the needs even the plant has several dairy farms providing 60% of milk and rest of milk is supplied from all private peasants, whose cow breeding differs from 3 to 20 in numbers. The plant still requires another 100 tons of milk for its production. We will also visit one of its dairy farms, which belong to the plant. The farm has so far 4000 cows and milk production is 30,000 tons annually. Then we visit a village dairy farm whose number of cows have grown from only 4 to 240 since 1988 and milk production is 2 tons a day. Originally this farm sold its milk to the Milk Plant, but recently because of the price, it sells his milk to Mengniu Milk LTD. in Inner Mongolia for good profit. In the afternoon, we visit a famous Imperial Palace, Shenyang Forbidden-City built in 1636. It was here that Manchurians started the Qing Dynasty and Emperor Shunzhi was crowned here before setting off to cross the Great Wall in 1644 to Beijing to govern all China. The Palace has the area of 60,000 square meters. And then to see East Tomb, set in a forested area 8 km from downtown. Entombed here is Nurhachi with his mistress. Nurhachi was the grandfather of Emperor Shunzhi who launched the invasion of China in 1644. The construction of the tomb started in 1626 and took several years to complete. Overnight Shenyang

Day 05 Shenyang / Xi'an
This morning we drive for one and half hours to Liao Zhong County, to visit another kind of dairy farm breeding both with 300 cows and 700 cattle, providing milk and young cattle to the market. The owner is changing his farm from cattle to dairy because the market for milk is growing potentially with good profit. And then we will visit a lab of artificial insemination and talk with experts. Then to visit forage crops field. In the afternoon we drive back to visit a bull kept base for providing fine species of frozen semen to dairy farms and to have a technical interview with expert in this field then a visit of a laboratory for milk analysis. Then we will have a meeting with some government officials from provincial agricultural department, technical persons and officials who are in charge of dairy marketing and trading. After lunch, take CZ6407 14:20/18:10 fly to Xi'an

Day 06 Xi'an
Xi'an, the one of the ancient capitals of China, is one of the oldest settled regions in China, with remains of human habitation dating back to prehistoric times. As the Wei River, a tributary of the Yellow Rive, cuts across the middle of the province, this fertile land became a center of Chinese civilization. The earliest evidence of human habitation dates back 6000 years to Neolithic times,
when the plain was lush and green and primitive Chinese tribes established their villages. We visit some important historical sights including the Ban-Po Primitive Society Museum, one of the earliest places where people cultivated farmland 6000 year ago and fossilized millet and vegetable seeds are displayed in many original pottery jars. Visit some local peasant families followed by a city tour to see the well-preserved old city wall that was built from 1370 -1387. Then later explore the agriculture products free markets. Be prepared for some surprises. This afternoon one of the highlights of the tour is a visit to the buried army of Emperor Qin Shi Huang. These 2180-year-old terracotta armies of more than 8000 soldiers were discovered in 1974. The world famous Bronze Chariots are displayed in this museum as well. We will also visit the Hua Qing Hot Springs Palace which became well known for the love stories of the ancient emperors and concubines in the Tang Dynasty. On the way, we visit a peasant village where we talk to some farming families about their operation of enterprises, growing of grain crops, kiwifruit and pomegranate orchard and visit their homes. See Tang Dynasty Show with dinner in the evening. Overnight in Xi'an

Day 07 Xi'an / Shanghai
Visit Xi'an modern agriculture Multiple-Developing Zone, under which has five dairy farms with 4000 cows producing 45 tons of fresh milk per day. And 17,000 tons of fresh milk to the market annually. Occupying 70% of milk market in Xi'an. It is the main base for fine species crossbreeding cow in North-west China. We will visit cultivation, breeding, processing and other related subjects and a meeting with Chinese dairy farmers and technical experts. In the afternoon take FM202 17:00pm/18:55pm fly to Shanghai. Overnight Shanghai. ( I suggest we may drive to Suzhou directly after dinner in Shanghai, we will arrive at Suzhou about 9:30pm, it will be save more time visiting in Suzhou next day, I don't know if it is too late for your clients, please let me know.)

Day 08 Shanghai / Suzhou / Wuxi
Shanghai a city of 12 million people and an important center for trade and industry. After breakfast, we drive for about 1 and 40 minutes to Suzhou, regarded as the "Venice of the East" and one of the oldest cities. Suzhou is an attractive city with an extensive network of canals, well known for its beautiful gardens. We take boats cruising on canal to view people's daily life for one and half-hours. Visit a small dairy operation in the center of a modern Agricultural Technology Park (Agriworld). This is a research and Experimental center involved in evaluating various breeds of cows and species of animals like ostrich, peacock, wild duck and chicken and plants and crops recommending to Chinese peasants for breeding and cultivating. After the visit we meetwith local agriculture experts. We visit local Silkworm farmers land and to see their houses and silk processing factory. After dinner we drive one hour to Wuxi. Overnight Wuxi

Day 09 Wuxi / Shanghai
Wuxi area with its fertile soil, mild climate and abundant rainfall is referred to as 'the land of fish and rice'. Textiles, fishing and agricultural products serve the Shanghai market. It is a good place to view typical Chinese life where people still live in traditional riverside houses in this small town. The main attraction is a natural one; Lake Taihu which is a fresh-water lake with a total area of 2200 sq km. There are some 90 islands, large and small within it. Junks with 'all sails set' gracefully ply the water, a magnificent nostalgic sight. In the morning we visit a Milk company, a national ecological experimental dairy farm with 500 healthy black and white cows and visit of its milk processing line, a green food production base where is famous for its strong method of environmental protection. After visit followed by a technical meeting with local experts. Afternoon we take a sailing boat going sight-seeing on the beautiful Taihu Lake. Then visit an older bridge, Wuqiao, which has a great view of the canal traffic which comes to you from all directions and overlooks an ancient pavilion stranded on tiny Huangbudun Isle. After dinner we drive for 2,5 hours back to Shanghai. Overnight Shanghai

Day 10 Shanghai
After breakfast we visit (If you agree to go) Shanghai Sun Qiao Modern Agri Development Zoon, where there are a lot to see, such as many kinds of organic vegetables, grains, edible fungus, fine seedlings, experimental fields, some pickled vegetables processing, technical central of bio and microbe, cell and gene engineering and talk with agri scientists. After lunch, we visit the Yuyuan Garden, built in 1559 by a high official of the Ming dynasty intending to entertain his parents. The exquisite layout, beautiful scenery, and the artistic style of the garden architecture are where the charm of Yu Yuan lies. The garden is acknowledged as "an architectural miracle in the region south of Yangtze River", "elite of garden in southeast China", and "the mountain and forest in the embrace of the bustling city". Then we go to the Shanghai Old Town, including Nanjing Road, one of the busiest and biggest shopping street in China, we arrange some free time for shopping along the street and stroll on the Bund, Shanghai's famous waterfront as well as French Concession. After dinner, Shanghai Acrobatic Show. Overnight Shanghai

Day 11 Shanghai/ Exit




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