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_How to apply for a tourist visa?

Traveling in China requires a tourism visa (L). L Visa is sub-divided into two kinds: group visa and individual visa. If you are a part of a group, the tour operator will often obtain it. Group visas will usually be issued for groups with at least 5, and the guide accompanying your group will keep the visas.

An Individual traveler can apply for one at any Chinese embassy or consulates, and the procedure is usually straightforward. China has its embassies and consulates in most western and many other countries. You can either get an application form in person at the embassy or consulate or download one by visiting the website of Chinese embassies in the foreign countries.

After fully and accurately completed your application, you submit it to the nearest Chinese consulate and embassies, either in person or by mail. A standard 30-day, single-entry visa from most Chinese embassies abroad can be issued in three to five working days. Rush processing of 24 hours issue or same-day is also available (additional Embassy fee applies).

When apply for a tourism visa, some extra documents are required sometimes besides the basic general requirements:

1) For individual tourism visa, a letter of confirmation of the tour arrangement made by a travel agency in China or letter
of reservation of hotel in China is required.
2) For group tourist visas, a confirmation letter from a provincial tourist bureau or a government-authorized Chinese travel
agency; a name list of the whole group in triplicate and one copy of the information page of each passport are required.

Foreigners from countries which have visa agreements with China are treated in accordance with these agreements.

Visitors who want to Tibet need to acquire the consent of the Tourism Administration of the Tibet Autonomous Region
or any one of its foreign representative offices.

Foreigners requesting to visit Shenzhen, Zhuhai, Xiamen and other Special Economic Zones may apply directly to visa
authorities in these zones for tourist visas. Foreign tourist groups from Hong Kong for a 72-hour visit to the Shenzhen
Special Economic Zone are exempt from entry visas.

Tourist visas are usually valid for three months, but can be extended for an extra month at the Foreigners Section of
the Public Security Bureau. Passports must be valid for at least six months before you travel to China.



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