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_Exit Regulations

Departure is relatively much simpler.

On departure, travelers must fill in Exit Registration Cards and have their passports and visas checked. All articles you have declared on the Customs Luggage Declaration Form upon arrival should be brought out of China. If any item is missing, a certificate by the relevant department is required or else a certain amount of import duty would be charged on it. All the articles detained by the customs upon your arrival, except those are already rotted or out of date, could be gotten back.

Also there are two channels for your choice. Anyone matches condition listed as followings should take the red channel:

Anyone taking with antiques, valuable articles and samples

Anyone taking with the articles that were required to take out of China when entering

When the amount of sliver, gold and currency you take exceeds that you has declared when entering

When the articles you taking go beyond the limitation (in amount or sum) of the customs
Restrictions on some exporting articles:

A. Antiques

Antiques earlier than 1795, ancient paintings and calligraphy as well as some modern ones
are forbidden to export.

Receipt of the antique is required on departure. All the antiques you brought in China should
bear a red seal, otherwise they would be confiscated by the customs without compensation.

B. Gold and Silver

Purchase receipt should be presented to the customs when you prepare to export some gold
or silver ornaments you bought in China.

C. Traditional Chinese Medicinal Materials

To those who go abroad, the total value of Chinese medicinal materials should be less than
RMB 300 yuan; to those heading for Hong Kong and Macau, the upper limit is RMB 150 yuan.

Medicinal materials made from rare animal, such as muskiness, antler, leopard and tiger bone,
rhinoceros horn and elephant skin, are restricted or forbidden to export.

Note: The value of these materials is based on the purchase receipt you got from the store.


Travelers who want to convert Renminbi (RMB) back to foreign currency at the airport before leaving
China will be required to show the exchange slip provided when they exchanged foreign currency into
RMB on arrival or at banks.

The total amount of currency each people could take out is less than RMB 6000 yuan.

Followings are some items which are forbidden to export:

All the articles which are forbidden to import

Valuable cultural relics and rare books relating to Chinese history, culture, and art

Endangered animals, plants and their seeds

Printed materials, films, tapes, photos and others that are related to state secrets



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