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_ Baggage

1. For your convenience, we suggest you bring one large suitcase and one carry on bag. Please do not over pack, leave space in you suitcase for purchases in China. Since your suitcase will be transported frequently during trip, please be sure it is strong enough to withstand all the handling. Also be sure it has wheels and a lock.

2. For China domestic flights, each passenger is allowed one piece of check-in luggage per flight, up to 44 lbs., and one carry on bag with a combined total dimension not exceeding 45in. Checked luggage must have a lock (combination locks are recommended) and a luggage tag showing the name and contact information of the owner. Baggage without a lock may be refused for transport. Consider packing one change of clothing, one set of underwear and toiletry in your carry on bag to avoid inconvenience caused by delayed or lost luggage.

DO NOT pack medicine, valuables and other personal necessities in checked luggage. Keep them in your carry on bag.

Important note: AgriToursChina representatives cannot enter the luggage claim area. Luggage carts are available, free of charge, at all airports. Collect your luggage and exit, our local representatives will be waiting for you outside.


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